Monday, May 20, 2024

About us

Mutcho African radio /

Our mission:

Document and share African descent stories coast to coast
Youth-engaged, community-engaged, African-centric radio programming in Canada.

Mutcho radio is a hub for those interested in hearing the untold stories of African communities and the greater community as a whole. Mutcho focuses on what issues and celebrations affect our world while providing an authentic community voice.

Mutcho radio is not only acting as a hub for stories but also, opens the door to a field of work that is underrepresented by a diverse population. This will be accomplished by providing expertise, training as well as a platform for these learners.

“Until the lion learns to write the story will always glorify the hunter.”
This proverb speaks to why it is important to have a way to share our known and emerging stories.

Mutcho African Radio is rooted in our ancestral experiences and brings us forward into contemporary times. This unique form of communication merges storytelling, learning about and with technology and holding our stories for the future.

Programming and shows
Our varied programming offers a unique radio experience, combining music, discussions, news and educational content to inform, entertain and inspire, and foster intercultural dialogue, promote equality and inclusion, and celebrate the pride and resilience of our African roots. Join us to discover a radio that is engaged, authentic and focused on the African communities.

Make an impact with your story!

Lucia Obama - Moncton

Marat Nahimana

Ryan Gagnon

Janvier Nahimana
Mutcho radio Founder